Avalon Gardens Wilderness Nova Scotia

photos copyrighted Kayak Cape Breton pond on Bras d'Or Lake Michel, Rayne, Purnitam, Cheendana, Honour, Prasado  

Kayak Cape Breton

Rent one of our log cottages on scenic Bras d'Or Lake with lots of privacy. Join us on a kayaking tour, take a lesson or venture out by yourself to discover our magnificent area by kayak, canoe or bike. English and German spoken.

"I highly recommend Kayak Cape Breton... it would be very difficult to not enjoy yourself there. You are surrounded by a very beautiful environment and Eberhard is one of the best kayak experts in the world, as well as a warm conscious individual prone to good humour and a low profile."     Somananda

  photos copyrighted Gudi and Eberhard of Kayak Cape Breton

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Avalon Gardens
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