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photos copyrighted Southeast tip of Isle Haute. Diamond Gulch Lagoon is just behind it on the left. Southeast side of Isle Haute from boat. South side middle of Isle Haute. South side middle of Isle Haute. Southwest side of Isle Haute from boat.  

Isle Haute 3

Around the island by beach.

The photos, starting top left then going down the column and then down the right column, were taken from a boat trip around Isle Haute. Each can be clicked to view their full size.

When I visit Isle haute, one of the first things I like to do is hike around the island on the beach. The best way to do this is to start at the east side and circle clockwise around the south side and then the north, coming all the way around back to where you started from. You need to start as the tide is on its way down and far enough down to get around the east side. You can do a fast hike in 2 hours but 4 to 5 hours is more realistic as you will want to watch the seals on the sothwest tip as well as explore here and there.

There is one climb you must make (4 th photo down on the right) and it's fairly easy for those used to doing some climbing.

Isle Haute 1   Isle Haute 2

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  photos copyrighted west tip Isle Haute from boat North side west tip of Isle Haute from boat.. The climb on northwest side to get around Isle Haute on the beach. The climb (up close) that you must make to entirely circle Isle Haute on the beach.(see above photo)

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